Rural Coverage

One of the easiest ways for mobile operators to increase market share and revenue is to acquire new mobile users, rather than winning existing users from competitors. Rural coverage represents a real challenge for operators though because of the lack of power grid availability, communication infrastructure and paved roads. In addition, low population densities compared to the level of telecom investment that is often required affects operation cost and the business case that can be made to extend rural coverage.

The MICT GSM solution for rural coverage is designed to address all challenges faced in rural areas.  It is optimized for power consumption and backhaul bandwidth utilization. It is also completely integrated and powered with sustainable power sources giving up to 6 days backup autonomy.

In most cases of rural coverage, satellite backhaul is considered the most reasonable option. This is why we applied effective compression techniques and local switching facilities to either voice or data traffic to reduce backhaul bill, the estimated 4kbps per call significantly reduces backhaul cost.

Since all the components of the system are built for use outdoors with very simple control, on-field maintenance activities are simplified and come with clear instructions. This allows anyone from the area, regardless of the level of education, to maintain these activities and help in corrective and preventive maintenance. From our experience we found that 80% of issues can be handled by a local worker.


Extends Existing GSM Networks to Remote Areas

It features low power, compact equipment that is optimized to overcome all challenges that operators face when deploying rural networks.

Near Zero OPEX and Dramatically Lower CAPEX

It makes telecom services profitable, even at very low ARPU levels.

Sustainable GSM Network

It significantly decreases operating costs by replacing grid power and diesel generators with solar energy.

Provides Macro Coverage

The potential coverage is up to a 10km radius.

Flexible Deployment Configurations

It is quick and easy to deploy because of the compact, all-in-one design of the lite-BTS.

Coverage on demand

The capacity and coverage can be expanded with clustering.

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