Remote VIP

Mobile operators usually have VIP customers who are engaged in remote activities. For example agricultural, oil & gas, mining, etc. For such companies, communication is critical, both voice and data. For mobile operators it is often hard to justify the investment to provide GSM service in such remote areas for their VIPs. However, it is often the case that VIP clients are willing to share the investment (for example pay for initial investment, part of the operation), which makes it more viable for the mobile operator.

MICT can help operators preserve the loyalty of their VIP customers by providing a cost effective GSM solution that will be affordable for both the operator and the customer. This is in terms of initial site cost and operation expenses.

Regardless of the &nbsp type of model*  that is arranged between the operator and customer, MICT will make sure that the service is delivered to a level of quality that is accepted by the operator and the customer, with a cost that makes both parties happy.

Our GSM 2G/3G and Wi-Fi solution provides high class voice and data services to end customers in remote areas, either for business or social communication. This helps to increase the productivity of the customer and raise the operator’s revenue.


Mobile operators

Preserve and increase customer loyalty.

Step a head from competitors.

A credit in term of social responsibility.

Raise up revenue


Connecting their remote business activities for better productivity.

Better environment for staff for their social communications and easy access access for other supplementary services, and tools (e.g. consultation, news, entertainments…etc).

Reduce communication bill.

* Models can be: Customer is responsible for all the remote site investment including equipment, installation, and operation, while the operator takes care of core investment. Or the customer pays for the initial cost leaving responsibility for the operation with the operator…etc.

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