GSM Backhaul

With the vast progression in mobile markets in terms of competition and customer demands, backhauling services represent one of the biggest challenges for mobile operators. With the global trend of extending coverage to rural areas where there is a lack of terrestrial technologies (e.g. fiber, microwave, etc), satellite communication becomes the most feasible solution for transmission. Satellite communication is also an option for Mobile Operators who work on land-locked countries where there is no other means of connecting to the Internet backbone.

We provide a very cost effective and reliable VSAT service that is specially tailored for mobile operators and service provider. Regardless of the type of application either for Remote GSM site backhaul or Internet capacity, it’s built to deliver you a high class service that helps you meet your customer expectations. You may switch between E1/T1 and IP at any time with almost zero lead time, as well as ability to increase or decrease the leased capacity.

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