Lite GSM (2G/3G/LTE)

Mobility remains one of the most important concerns in regards to the communications technologies. Subscribers are always looking for means to utilize the same identity and profile while moving from one place to another, especially when they are moving far away from their cities.

The MICT Lite GSM solution is designed to extend mobile coverage to include areas where there is no power grid or communication infrastructure with difficulty in access and lack of knowhow in the local communities. It provides 2G, 3G, and even 4G technologies with very low power consumption requirements - only tens of watt per TRX, totally powered using solar systems. Solution is also much optimized for bandwidth consumption it cost only 4 kbps per call, which can save almost 70% of the total cost of transmission (compared to other transitional solutions).

The system is designed to operate outdoors in harsh environments, there is no need for shelter, air conditioning, grid power, generator or diesel fuel. Plus it can be installed and maintained by local workers.

Satellite Communications

Our satellite service can withstand harsh offshore environments and remote areas for home, small businesses, enterprise, government, and communication service provider applications. The service is based on the latest technologies enabling the best experience of satellite communication with very reasonable cost either for connecting your remote business or giving them a direct Internet connection. Our service is covering a wide range of applications from small monitoring and control messages to the realtime video streaming. In addition to a number of other valued added service that would help you better utilize your satellite service.


Service is delivered using our service using our facilities in Dubai, and across Africa. In addition to UAE teleport we’ve more than three teleports in in Central and West Africa, all are utilizing TDMA and SCPC technologies acquiring equipment from leader vendors in the world.





Traditionally, energy consumption and availability presents a major challenge when investing in telecommunication services, so we provide a cost-effective solution that can eliminate - or greatly reduce - these challenges. Our solution is completely built on clean power source with almost zero operation cost. There will be no need for regular site visits to refuel or maintain the diesel generator only a few visits a year to maintain batteries, cables, solar panels, or any other units.

Furthermore, it’s integrated with telecommunication monitoring and control systems allowing a remote for remote fault investigation, which increases the speed at which problems can be handled and solved. On the other hand the provided historical information of the system performance will allow for close analysis of performance with indicators of adjustments and suggestions for optimization.

System can be solely depends on solar cells, wind, hybrid both solar and wind, or integrated with existing power source depends on customer requirements. Although we’re providing such solution bundled with our telecom solutions, but it’s suitable for a wide range of applications from small home usage to large farms producing multiple megawatts.

It’s not only for those who wish to reduce their operation cost, but rather it helps in to realize green strategy and participate in saving our planet earth especially telecom operation, considering that more than 2% of global carbon emission is actually comes from ICT.

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